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Affecting change one nudge at a time.
Who are we

Who we are

Dulters Co. is a strategic think-tank and a consultancy for unconventional market outreach that specializes in shaping the market, research, strategy, commercial and financial advisory.


Not only do we enable effective growth for Ahoy Holdings, we shape the market across geographies, sectors and products through cross-collaboration within the Ahoy ecosystem

What we offer

Explore our range of specialized solutions, tailored to meet your needs.

Strategic Market Shaping 

We shape industry evolution through meticulous strategies designed to shape market trajectories. This encapsulates addressing industry challenges and advocating for regulatory change to enhance technology innovation and adaptation 

Comprehensive Consulting Services 

As a think-tank, our services include business strategy and planning, financial and advisory services, commercial advisory, each meticulously moulded to fit your requirements.

Enabling Ecosystem Collaboration

We facilitate synergy in our unique ecosystem by providing connections to everyone from industry leaders to regulatory bodies for seamless collaboration among diverse stakeholders.  

What it features

What we do

See what we're about and how our mission drives us to create lasting value.

Facilitating unconventional market outreach 

Cross-collaboration enablement 

Influencing market evolution 

Championing open-source knowledge

Tailored guidance with holistic growth strategies

Advocacy and thought leadership

See what Dulters can do for you

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